Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Book Review: Hope Was Here

Hope Was Here by Joan Bauer is a beautiful and unique teen fiction novel of courage and hope, and diligence.

Hope Was Here is about a teenage waitress living with her aunt, who is a cook. Hope wants nothing more than a father, and she’s forever hoping and dreaming of the day when he finds her. In the meantime, she works and makes every moment worth her while.

She soon discovers that hard work isn't enough to keep the Welcome Stairways diner on its feet, and she struggles to look through the vapors of deception laid up against the owner, G.T., who is fighting both leukemia, and for the right to run for mayor. G.T. is determined to bring honesty, virtue and light to the office, and is willing to die trying.

Hope does everything in her power to help her valiant friend, but there are certain forces that are willing to hurt to keep the truth from being known.

Summary: I LOVE this book, the story and the way it’s written, and it’s one of the few clean teen fiction book on the market (the characters take the Lord’s name in vain, which bothers me, but most readers probably wouldn't be offended by this). Five Stars!


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