Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hana's Flag Dress

I admit I didn't put a lot of thought into this one, and the gaps were the wings and tail go are too large, but it's still cute. Carry the white or cream-colored yarn on the wrong side of the work when not in use. Ch count includes turning ch.

Size K hook

Weight 4 yarn in antique-like colors

Yarn needle


5 sts to an inch

The Pattern (1 Turning Ch)

 Start with blue, ch 16 (counting turning ch)

Carrying yarn on side facing away from you, sc 1 in blue, 1 in white across

Rep, but carry yarn on side of work facing toward you

Cut white, in Blue 1 sc in each sc across

Sc 2 in blue, add cream, *1 in cream, 1 in blue* in each next sc until 2 remain, 2 sc in blue in next 2 sc

Rep last row, ch 6 (counting turning ch)

1 sc in each ch and sc, ch 6, 1 sc in each ch, sl st

Switch to red, 1 sc in each sc, excluding tabs


Switch to cream, rep last row, ch 6, sc in each ch

Rep, switch to red

1 sc in each


Work five sc

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