Saturday, July 20, 2013


I remember being in a big hurry to grown up almost since I was born. If only I was eight, I could be baptized. If only I was nine, Mommy would let me get my ears pierced. If I was fourteen I could get a job (HA! The best laid plans of mice and men...), and at sixteen I could learn to drive (that didn't happen the way I was planning either).

It wasn't until I turned seventeen that I realized that maybe being a kid wasn't so bad. I've recently entered my last year of (legal) childhood, and now I'm wishing that I hadn't wished so hard for this. Instead of enjoying any age as it came, I was always waiting for something around the corner. I also did this month-to-month. Oh, I wish my birthday was sooner! Oh, why does Christmas have to be so far away?

Of course, I realize that now I'm no better. I'm still waiting for my family to move before I will let myself be happy. I wonder about myself sometimes: GRoaaaAN. Glooooooom aaaaaaaand dooooooom... :P

I suppose it will take me some time to learn to take thing as they happen rather than dwelling on the past or something  just ahead. For crying out loud, is this human nature, or is it just me?

I might not be considered a child for much longer, but I know I'll always be a child at heart, and I'm still trying to decide if that's comforting or concerning.

Does anybody else have such a tendency to come full circle like this?

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