Wednesday, August 26, 2015


This morning, I woke up from a dream feeling anxious, and found that I couldn't get rid of the angst until I figured out what the problem was. Apparently, the dream was based on a comment that another girl made to me when I was fifteen. It was only a few mean-spirited words, but they had altered the way I had interpreted my life.

What is a dream, I wonder? I know that they can be used to learn about yourself, which can be very helpful in moving on form the past. If I hadn't had that unhappy dream, I probably wouldn't have even thought to revisit that incident. I know that dreams reflect who we are and our expectations. But do we really generate them? Being a lucid dreamer, the notion that my mind generates everything I experience sounds absurd. I'm sorry, but this is something that you can't just logic away.

I've had experiences where I'm only dreaming about things that I'm familiar with, I become lucid in the dream, then, all of the sudden, things start happening that I never would have expected, and find situations that, by all logic, I should have had full control over, but I don't. I can still see a scattering a familiar objects and people, but there are just too many things making me think that not everything is coming from me.

And what are those people you meet, anyway? Some are unintelligent figments of the imagination that have to do as you wish, but what about the others? What about the ones that you can scream "BE GONE!" at, and they won't budge? What about those creatures that will still try to hurt or oppress you, even after you decide you're not afraid? Are they spirits, or something else altogether? Could some characters you meet be a result of your subconscious being connected with another being's? Are some intelligent forms be created when your thoughts touch other peoples'?

Whatever these things are that we call dreams, they are both useful and damaging, and very, very mysterious. Could it be that your brain only generates what the dream doesn't provide? Or it there an answer we would never suspect?


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