Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Excerpt from Raelle

              A thought crosses my mind and my heart starts to pound again. “If we’re running for our lives, who’s piloting the ship?!”

              Justin starts to tell me the ship is on auto-pilot, but judging by the way Kess rushes up to the controls, I know he’s forgotten until now.

              The ship starts to vibrate, like a car starting, but then it stops, and Kess exclaims something I don’t catch. My blood runs cold. The ship won’t start, like an old car. I give Justin an alarmed look.

              Justin gives me a sheepish smile. “This was the best model we could afford.”

              “You mean to tell me, our lives hang in the balance and we’re stuck with a second-rate spaceship?! How are we going to keep ahead of... that guy, anyway!?”

              “Panicking won’t make it run any better,” Justin points out, even though he looks super nervous.

              The ship finally starts up, the vibrations growing softer as it warms up, and Justin, Kess and I give a collective sigh of relief.

              “Hey, Justin?”


              “Where’s the restroom?” I try not to blush, but I’m certain I fail.

              “Down the hall, second door on the left, then go through the bedroom.” He tells me, pointing.

              I start walking down the hall, and as an afterthought Justin calls, “And try not to trip over Asara!”

              “What’s an ‘Asara’?” I turn my head to ask, but I don’t stop moving. I abruptly find my question answered the hard way as I trip over the very little girl Justin was warning me about, hitting the side of my face on the floor. For some reason, she had chosen to grab a nap in the hallway and now she’s glaring at me like I did that on purpose. As if!

              I pretend not to notice the way she’s scowling at me and continue on to find the bathroom. I stop in front of the door Justin had directed me to and I don’t see a doorknob or anything, so I walk up to it, fully expecting it to open up automatically like a door in front of a grocery store, but I bang my head.

              I give a growl of frustration and try waving my arms in front of it. Nothing.

              I fold my arms in front of myself and bellow, “Open Sesame!” Still nothing. “You! Door! Open!” I’m starting to become seriously ticked off.

              I groan and let my forehead fall onto it, and it swings open, much to my astonishment. Maybe I should have tried pushing it first. I wonder why it didn’t open when I banged my head. Maybe the ship is glitchy.

              I walk through the bedroom, which has an interesting assortment of objects I’ve never seen before, and I want to take a better look, but I really have to go.

              When I push the next door open and reach the bathroom, I’m happy to see that it looks similar to the bathrooms at home. This must have been their human father’s room.

              After I do my business, I notice a shower head in one corner of the room. It doesn’t have a shower curtain or tub or anything, which I think is weird, but the strangest thing is the fact that it doesn’t appear to have any controls. Maybe there are buttons I can’t see. Maybe if I were to get closer--

              The instant I step under the shower head, it turns on, drenching me. “EEEEEEEEEK!” I squeal, running out of its range. Aliens must like their bathwater super cold, ‘cuz this water is even colder then that river I had jumped into. Already shivering, I beeline for the door.

              When I step out into the hallway, Justin is waiting, mouth open as if he has something to say, but he falls into a shocked silence when he sees me. Not only am I dripping wet and shivering, but I have a bruise the size of a tennis ball on the side of my face, and my forehead is red from impact.

              “Not one word,” I growl.

Novel to come someday soon. The rough draft can be found here

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