Monday, September 21, 2015

Facebook Manipulation

We all know that the Internet is manipulative, and many of us have been subjected to variety of addictions because of it, and we may have even resolved to never let it control us again. But my question for you is, exactly how firm are you on that subject?

I'll be scrolling through Facebook, and I've noticed a consistent theme; messages that say things like, "Share this, or you're a bad person," "Share this, or you don't believe in God," and, my favorite, "Share this, or you're not my friend." I don't share them.

According to Face book, that makes me a bad friend, a heathen, an animal hater, and any number of things. That does not make it true, not any of it.

Anyone that knows me will know that I am, in fact, a very nice, religious, good-friend kind of person. And you should know that sharing manipulative posts on Facebook doesn't benefit you in any way, shape, or form. So why do we keep on doing it? Could it be that people use it as a crutch, to make them feel better about themselves? That, my friend, is only a little more productive than bullying. In fact, writing those posts is a form of cyber-bullying; it's reliant entirely on intimidation and putting other people down.

I know that we all fall for one of the Internet's tricks once in a while (btw, survey websites aren't a good way to make money), but let's not give it any more power than we have to, shall we?

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