Thursday, October 1, 2015

Character Interview: Asara

This little girl from Raelle is cute, she's funny, and she likes to sleep in odd places. I'm certain that she'd be even more adorable if we could only tell what she was saying.

The wait is over! Let's give a warm welcome to Asara!

--Translated from its original alien language--

Me: Hello, Asara. Why are you looking scared? I promise I'm not mean.

Asara: You're a human.

Me: Your daddy was human, too. And so is Raelle.

Asara: They're nice. But most humans are scary. Fensic told me so. He says humans cut each other up, and poison other people's food.

Me: *Shocked* (That is disturbingly accurate) Who is Fensic?

Asara: I boy I pay with. He's bigger than I am, and he knows stuff.

Me: *Deep sigh* Have you told Jussren or Kess about the scary things Fensic told you?

Asara: No. They think it's nice that I have a kid near my own age to play with, and I don't want to disappoint them.

Me: You know they wouldn't approve of what Fensic has been telling you?

Asara: Yes. But Fensic says I need to know stuff.

Me: *Rubbing temples* Your brothers and sister will protect you, so you don't need to think about scary things.

Asara: But Fensic says--

Me: Go find Kess and tell him all about it. Go on, hurry!  

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