Friday, October 16, 2015

JavaScript Artwork Comparison

These were both drawn with a coding tutorial program on Khan Academy. The assignment was to draw something that you'd eat for dinner, using at least three different colors, and at least three different shapes.

This is the one I drew ten months ago:

And this is the one I drew two days ago (I had to stop coding for a while because of the computer I was using, and came back to the challenge to refresh my memory on how the coding worked):

The second one doesn't have as much of a variety of shapes, but I think it is a lot smoother and more visibly pleasing. I added the text because the picture was no longer looking doughnut-ish to me by the time I broke down all the shapes to draw it, and then the thought crossed my mind that most people don't have doughnuts for dinner. Frankly, I don't know if this one is going to pass; I'm not certain I used enough different types of commands.  

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