Saturday, November 7, 2015

Character Interview: Violet

It's National Novel Writer's Month, and this year the character I have chosen to write about is Violet, a shy girl trying to find her voice. We've brought her in for an interview, and, hopefully, this will go much better than last time I tried to interview a character.

Me: And here she is! What do you say, Violet?

Violet: *Looks around nervously, as if calculating an escape route*

Me: *Sigh* You're dreaming. You don't have to worry about the stutter here, and you can't get hurt.

Violet: (Softly, testing her voice) Really? And this isn't another nightmare? And you aren't going to try to make me suffocate?

Me: *Blink blink* Sounds like you've got some PTSD going on or something. Why so scared all the time?

Violet: *Shrugs and looks at the ground*

Me: Okay then... maybe that's not a good subject... *ahem* I've gathered that you like to shoot some hoops on occasion. Can you tell me about that? (Maybe talking about something that she likes to do will get her to stop being so lethargic with me...)

Violet: Yeah, I guess. You throw the ball, and hope it goes in.

Me: And you don't want to tell me why you like it? Or how you got into it? Or if you want to try out for a team one day? Or anything like that?!

Violet: No. I don't like to talk much.

Me: *Rubbing temples* So I've gathered. (I was really hoping that she was louder in her dreams than in her reality. Why can't I have a reasonable conversation with any of my characters?!) Would you at least answer some very easy questions for me?

Violet: *Blank look*

Me: What's your full name?

Violet: *Looking uncomfortable* Carmen Violet Hendrickson. 

Me: And age? 

Violet: *Hesitates* Fourteen.

Me: Your hometown?

Violet: *Frowns suspiciously* Why do you need to know?

Me: (Okay, that backfired. She thinks I'm some kind of crazy stalker) Never mind, forget the hometown thing. *Low groan*  We've been going on like this forever and getting nowhere.

Violet: Then why don't you just leave me alone? *Starts to walk away*

Me: *Reaching out to stop her* Whoa, wait. You mean you'd rather go back to your nightmares of being suffocated than talk to me?

Violet: *Glares, shrugs my hand off of her shoulder, and keeps walking.*

Seriously?? Can't I write just one character that I can have a polite conversation with?? *Face-plants onto desk*...  

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