Saturday, November 14, 2015

Violet's Voice Excerpt #1

My uncle was watching something on the TV in the living area when I came downstairs. Interested in what he was watching, I came and stood behind him.

He stretched, yawning. “Well, Rose, I think that the kid has settled down somewhat, and thank goodness; I’m no good with emotional break-downs. With any luck, she’ll be stable by the end of the week.” He didn’t look at me as he spoke.

Knowing he had mistaken me for his wife somehow, but not caring, I socked him on the arm, hard.

Shocked, he jumped, held his arm and swiveled to face me. I glared hotly. I could not believe that he would say those kinds of things about me, and I wanted him to never do it again.

His mouth dropped open. “Why do you smell like my wife?!”

That must have been consequence of me using too much bath salt, and he had apparently smelled me behind him and concluded that I must be his spouse. My face burned hotly, and my first impulse was to go back upstairs and bathe again, without the salts this time.

I turned on my heel to leave, and was embarrassed to see that my aunt had been watching in the doorway through the entire exchange. She was trying to hold her lips down, but they wouldn’t quite stay put. “Only a little salt is required, dear.”

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