Monday, September 12, 2016

Backstage: Cover Art

Just for fun, I thought I'd show you how I made the cover for Daisy by Design.

I found a stock photo that looked enough like Daisy to be passable. This part was hardest  and, truth be told, I had Mom do most of this step for me so I didn't have to sort through pages of semi-pornographic images.

# -1
Okay, I lie; that wasn't the first thing I did. First I tried painting the cover (I never scanned that attempt, so you'll have to use your imagination.) Then I tried drawing the cover. I was dismayed when I was told it looked too middle-grade.

I tried aggressive coloring to make it more mature. It only sort of worked.

I was hoping for a stock photo of a model who looked more like this, but I had to settle. The model's skin tone, hair length and expression were about right, so she'd have to do (no offence meant, model. You're very pretty; you're just not my character).

I download the free trail of Photoshop (before I learned, which is freeware, did everything I needed) and attempted to make the model's hair black and her eyes green. I could stand the fact she was taller than what I had in mind, but she'd look nothing like Daisy if I didn't make some adjustments. 

I looked up a Photoshop tutorial and got much better results.

 I also tried to shorten her face, because Daisy looks young for her age, and the results were creepy, so I scrapped that idea.

I goofed off and made a cover that I wasn't going to use, just for fun.

I added a layer to the image to take away the saturation and made it look darker, then erased the part of the layer over her eyes, which made them look like they're glowing. I also added some text, after taking forever on the internet trying to find the right font

After fussing with the title and author name placement forever, the cover was finally done. Until I need the back and spine, that is...

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